Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti Lyrics | पंचपरमेष्ठी – जैन आरती लिरिक्स

Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti is a sacred devotional song that venerates the five supreme beings in Jainism. These revered entities are Lord Adinath, Lord Ajitnath, Lord Sambhavnath, Lord Abhinandan Swami, and Lord Sumatinath. The Aarti is an expression of gratitude, love, and devotion towards these spiritual luminaries.

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 Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti Lyrics

Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti Lyrics

यह विधि मंगल आरती कीजै,
पंच परम पद भज सुख लीजै।
प्रथम आरती श्री जिनराजा,
भवदधि पार उतार जिहाजा ॥ यह विधि ॥
दूजी आरती सिद्धन केरी,
सुमरत करत मिटे भव फेरी ॥ यह विधि ॥
तीजी आरती सूर मुनिंदा,
जनम-मरण दुःख दूर करिंदा ॥ यह विधि ॥
चौथी आरती श्री उवझाया,
दर्शन करत पाप पलाया ॥ यह विधि ॥
पाँचवीं आरती साधु तुम्हारी,
कुमति विनाशन शिव अधिकारी ॥ यह विधि ॥
छठी ग्यारह प्रतिमा धारी,
श्रावक बंदू आनंद कारी ॥ यह विधि ॥
सातवीं आरती श्री जिनवाणी,
धानत स्वर्ण मुक्ति सुखदानी ॥ यह विधि ॥
संजा करके आरती कीजे,
अपनो जनम सफल कर लीजे ॥ यह विधि ॥
सोने का दीपक, रत्नों की बाती,
आरती करूँ मैं, सारी-सारी राती ॥ यह विधि ॥
जो कोई आरती करे करावे
सो नर-नारी अमर पद पावे ॥ यह विधि ॥

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Significance of Aarti in Jainism

Aarti is a crucial ritual in Jainism, symbolizing the removal of spiritual darkness and the illumination of one’s soul. It’s a moment of connection with the divine, where the devotee surrenders to the higher power.

The Rich Tradition of Jain Devotional Songs

Jainism boasts a rich heritage of devotional songs and hymns. These compositions are not just melodious tunes but also encapsulate profound spiritual wisdom.

The Importance of Panchparmeshthi in Jain Philosophy

Panchparmeshthi plays a central role in Jain philosophy, representing the five supreme beings who have attained liberation. Their teachings and virtues are guiding lights for Jain practitioners.

The Melodic Beauty of Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti

The Aarti’s beauty lies not only in its words but also in its melody. The music resonates with the hearts of the faithful, evoking deep emotions.

Transcending Boundaries: A Global Appeal

Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti is not confined to India; its message of spirituality and devotion transcends borders and is embraced by Jain communities worldwide.

Aarti as a Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

Performing Aarti is more than a ritual; it’s a path to spiritual enlightenment. It allows the devotee to center their thoughts and find inner peace.

The Ritual of Performing Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti

The Aarti is typically performed in Jain temples, but it can also be practiced at home. The act involves lighting a lamp, waving it before the idols, and singing the Aarti with utmost devotion.

The Spiritual Connection: Aarti and Meditation

Aarti and meditation go hand in hand. The rhythmic chanting during Aarti can lead the devotee into a meditative state, fostering a profound spiritual connection.

Aarti in Contemporary Times

In today’s fast-paced world, Aarti remains a sanctuary of serenity. Many individuals turn to it for solace and spiritual rejuvenation.

Preserving the Legacy: Oral Tradition and Written Records

The tradition of Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti has been passed down through generations, both orally and in written form. It’s a testament to the enduring power of devotion.

The Power of Devotion: Stories and Anecdotes

Countless stories and anecdotes narrate the transformative power of Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti. Devotees have experienced miracles and profound spiritual insights through their devotion.

Music and Lyrics: A Harmonious Blend

The Aarti’s lyrics, often poetic and melodious, touch the heart. They convey deep meanings, reminding us of the spiritual essence of life.


Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti Lyrics are not just words; they are a gateway to spiritual elevation. This timeless tradition continues to inspire and uplift the hearts of countless devotees, bridging the gap between the mortal and the divine.


  1. What is the significance of Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti in Jainism?The Aarti holds significant spiritual importance in Jainism as it symbolizes the removal of spiritual darkness and the illumination of the soul.
  2. Where is Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti typically performed?Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti is commonly performed in Jain temples as part of their daily rituals. However, it can also be performed by individuals or families in their homes as an act of devotion.
  3. Can non-Jains participate in Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti?While the Aarti is primarily a Jain devotional practice, non-Jain individuals are often welcome to observe and learn about its spiritual significance. It’s a way to promote understanding and inclusivity.
  4. Are there variations in the way Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti is performed?Yes, there may be slight variations in the way the Aarti is performed in different Jain sects or regions. These variations can include differences in the ritual and melody, but the core essence remains the same.
  5. How can one learn the lyrics and music of Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti?To learn the lyrics and music of Panchparmeshthi Jain Aarti, individuals can approach Jain temples, seek guidance from Jain spiritual teachers, or utilize online resources.

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